Training that actually sticks 

With 90% of training being lost without practice, why waste your money on training that doesn't stick? 

Training with a Dramatic edge 

Looking to outsource your training and want to find a method that works and will last? Would you like to learn in an environment that engages through participation using experienced training actors? 

Areas we cover  

Virtual Training 

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Develop authentic and confident sales people through practice 

Customer Service 

Develop customer relationships that stand the test of time 

Presentation Skills 

Develop authentic and confident sales people through practice 

People  Management 

Turning managers into leaders 

Personality Types Training 

Improve personal impact by understanding ourselves and others 

Personal Development 

Strengthen business relationships through influencing and communications 

Diversity & Unconscious Bias 

I an ever changing world avoid the culture clash 

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What our clients say  

Anne Boynton-Trigg 
Every training has been highly engaging and memorable--reps still talk about concepts that Debra taught them years ago, probably because they got to practice them in a safe environment where mistakes are always turned into teachable moments. In addition, Debra has consistently demonstrated an ability to adapt to the needs of the team to be trained, customising materials and actively learning about the business in advance of the training. 
Ian Shreeve 
I've used actors in the past and have had reservations about just how effective some of the interventions have been. I have to say I had none of those reservations with the guys from DTS. They were fabulous! What I think really worked was the idea of getting delegates to express their emotions before they even realised they were in a learning situation, which created real and genuine situations for people to learn from. 
Kosta Christofi 
Debra and her team provided a powerful and compelling element to our leadership programme using professional actors/ facilitators who were able to fully immerse learners in challenging and stimulating scenarios instantly and completely. 
Their ability to do this and then facilitate the learning was essential to the success of this programme, and I would fully recommend Debra and her organisation to anyone wishing to achieve likewise. 

Where we've worked 

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