5 key skills to advance your career stand out 

In the current environment with competition for jobs at its highest for decades it might feel daunting but think of the bow needing to be pulled back to its most extreme tension before it can propel the arrow towards its target. We all need to be ready for that force for change and now is the time to get ready and STAND OUT 
Robots will make work more human, not less, as they take on the boring mundane tasks you will be free to do what humans do best. This is why standing out by being a superhuman is more important than ever before so you can make the most of any opportunities that are coming your way and stay ahead of your competition – other humans! Skills such as empathy, listening, social connection and collaboration will sit at the top of skills required alongside science and technology. 
We're communicating online more than ever, but with less and less impact. We're failing to be heard or get the message across. 

The skills 

In a digital world, we need to build on what makes us humans and develop the five skills that will help you stand out , personally and professionally 
1. Engage 
2. Listen 
3. Empathise 
4. Collaborate 
5. Inspire 
These soft skills give you the advantage in a changing world, allowing you freedom, flexibility and the ability to collaborate with others 
Stand Out will get you ahead of the curve and give you the tools you need so you can pursue your passions, achieve your goals and thrive in your career. 
‘Don’t be left behind, this book is a must-read!’ Kosta Christofi, Head of Leadership and Management Development, Reed in Partnership. 

about the author 

Debra Stevens had a message so important to get out she overcame her dyslexia to write her current book Stand Out. Her English teacher told her to get a job where she spoke rather than wrote because her writing was terrible, and she never shut up! This led to Debra speaking for a living which gives her writing an authentic, down to earth human voice. 
Debra has been a trainer, coach and speaker for over 30 years working with large companies globally and working with people to develop key soft skills to help them advance their careers, develop their businesses and enrich their lives. The focus is always the soft skills (human skills Debra calls them) empathy, listening and authentic connection are the bedrock of everything she teaches, these are the skills of the past, present and will be essential to survive in the workplace in our digital future. 
Debra has always said her most important job is being a mother and there is nothin more important than her family. She has 3 grown up children, a little granddaughter, long suffering husband and 2 irrepressible and in her words adorable Labradors who take all the sofa and are totally spoilt. 
She has managed to pivot her business during the pandemic to Live Learning online and is now helping people to communicate and connect with impact from home on video. 

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