Inspiring behavioural change since 1999 

Our brilliant experiential customised workshops will inspire and challenge your people to learn and practice new skills in a safe and dynamic environment using professional business actors to reflect your reality. 

We help you to help your people grow by challenging the way you deliver 

Practice makes perfect and we can help you build this element into your training by providing actors for simulations, demonstrations and skills development, in your workshops, conferences and events. If you need experiential activities designing, scenarios writing or want something more off the shelf we can help. 
We are fully committed to your continued personal development. We have provided, resources, suggestions and support to help you continue on your learning journey. 

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”  – Alfred Mercier 

Success Story - StenaLine 

Stena Ferries are passionate about giving their customer’s the best experience and recognise it’s an emotional journey where little things make a massive difference. 
Find out how Dramatic Training Solutions helped Stenna Ferries to maintain their 5 key service promises here or see more of our success stories 


Of course this is the question everyone needs to ask and it is the trickiest to answer. That is because everything we do is bespoke – carefully structured, tailored and resourced to ensure it is fit for individual purpose. What we create for one organisation will look very different to what we create for another – and, as such, it is difficult to cost something until we know more about what you are looking for. 
We love a chat – and find that a quick conversation is the best way to get a rough understanding of your needs and be able to give you some idea of costs. There’s no obligation – we don’t do the ‘hard sell’ – we just need to know more before we can talk numbers with a degree of accuracy. 
DTS is first and foremost a training company founded and run by learning and development professionals and our experience of working with organisations is unparalleled amongst our competitors. We are experts in behaviours, but we also have a huge amount of business experience and knowledge, we use actors and drama in our training to achieve the learning outcomes not just for affect. If you like we are a training company using the talent and experience of actors not actors working in training. 
We are also extremely careful about who works with us. We have a rigorous selection policy for our full-time staff and freelance associates and offer training at all levels and on a variety of subjects. Individual staff members have a range of professional qualifications including Organisational Development, Applied Theatre, and Coaching, amongst others. 
We totally respect our competition, there are some extremely good drama based companies out there but that’s where we are different because we are a training company that uses drama in our training not actors running a training company. This gives us a unique advantage of having the best of both worlds, solid business experience and L and D combined with the talent and creativity of amazing actors that we have worked with for years. So we can keep an eye on your objectives and learning outcomes and not get carried away with the drama. 
Also we don’t offer ‘off-the-shelf’ products – everything is bespoke. We draw on our experience and bring current thinking; ideas and processes from other areas to enhance our work, to ensure you have a tailored programme developed solely for your organisation. 
We pride ourselves on building effective relationships with our clients, listening and understanding their needs, developing innovate learning solutions and delivering to a very high standard. Our experience is considerable and clients are quick to praise the value of our in-depth business knowledge, training expertise and creative process. 80% of our work comes from repeat business or referrals. 
Our workshops are fun and we make no apologies for that as the training sticks more if they are engaged and enjoying what they are doing, but they are also thought provoking, challenging and highly memorable. We engage hearts and minds with our approach, empowering delegates to take an active role in their learning. We work closely with our clients at the outset of every programme; to determine their objectives for the training and explore what supporting materials or further resources may be useful for delegates. By achieving this understanding at the start of our partnership, we can design and deliver a programme in line with key learning objectives – and we can develop additional materials to embed and sustain the learning for delegates once they are back in the workplace. 
Again, this is a tricky question, and one very dependent on your requirements and key outcomes. We are just as comfortable working one on one with delegates in role play situations as we are facilitating workshop groups and delivering large-scale conference events. We will always ensure that our team is adequate in size to deliver an effective session that maximises the learning and supports our commitment to service quality. 

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