Advanced Selling (Leading Edge) 

Workshop Title: Leading Edge 
2-day workshop: 1 facilitator and 3 actors 
Who is it for: Sales people who need to be more consultative and create equal partnerships with their customers 
Number of participants: Max 25 (can be increased with extra resources) 
Pre -work: To complete a self-evaluation on current skills and prepare a critical success factor case study exercise on a current client. 
Course overview: In this training your sales team will take part in a personal, challenging and immersive experience that will give them the opportunity to develop their skills in solution selling. Participants will be introduced to strategic models that help them to identify the unique value they can bring to their key accounts via structured customer development. Participants will learn how to manage key stakeholders, plan for and deliver customer meeting’s that inspire and motivate for engagement with the proposed solutions. 
They will be encouraged to review existing knowledge, skills, understanding and behaviours to focus on their development needs for long-term mutual success. The two days will be highly experiential, with considerable opportunity for discussion and interactions to enable skill and capability building. Participants will take part in a business simulation specially written for the day. All participants will be required to complete a pre-training project case study, as well as reflect post workshop on their learning’s, tangible outcomes and how they will put new knowledge and skills in practice immediately. 
Post workshop to embed learning: All participants will take part in an e coaching program for 6 weeks after the workshop. This will consist of on the job exercises and suggested self-directed learning to ensure maximum retention. 
Learning outcomes: 
Develop new or build existing understanding of fully integrated ways of working 
Develop self-awareness of strengths and further areas of learning that can be utilised in the team 
Gain understanding of how current skills and knowledge can be transferred into the changing sales and customer environment 
Develop understanding of how strategic analysis can help to identify competitive advantage and value to key accounts 
Learn how to present value and inspire customers to engage with the solutions 
Learn how to use storytelling to bring to life testimonials and case studies to influence and reassure customers 
Learn how to create an action plan for individual stakeholders and the facilitation of consensus 
Develop confidence to leverage the kudos, credibility in meetings and interactions with more high-status stakeholders 
Build 3rd generation behaviours and assertiveness to challenge a customer’s thinking respectfully 
Gain insightful and constructive feedback to promote further development and support 
Benefit from a motivational, open learning environment with peers 

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