How Groups Work 

Workshop title: How Groups Work 
1-2-day workshop: Facilitator and 2 actors 
Who is it for: Anyone that leads a team or is part of a team 
Since no one personality or communication style works in all situations, leaders and team members need to, first of all, be able to recognise their own style and behavioural characteristics. Secondly, they need to be able to understand the strengths and needs of all and as a result, make appropriate changes to their own style whether they lead the team or are part of the team so they become more effective and successful. 
Number of participants: Max 15 (can be increased with extra resource) 
Pre-work: Participants will take the MBTi questionnaire online 
Course overview: In this workshop, participants complete a personality style inventory prior to the training that provides them with a clear insight to their preferred style. The personal inventories highlight how each participant has differing styles and motivations. One of the major failings of teams is to assume that everyone is influenced by the same motivations and have the same needs and this can lead to misunderstanding, lack of appreciation and conflict. Being able to recognise these styles and motivations in self and others is a first step along the pathway to a highly successful team 
All participants have an opportunity to discover more about themselves and their team members directly by taking part in an experiential exercise where they are organised into teams and are tasked with developing a project. In this exercise, participants have the opportunity to choose a leader, develop team working skills, experience decision making, assess their own and others ability to successfully lead, appropriately delegate tasks, assign roles and responsibilities etc. 
Learning outcomes: 
Be able to identify your current preferred styles and practices 
Know what makes a good leader 
Know how to motivate individuals to willingly expend effort on a task 
Know how to develop and influence others 
Know how to choose an appropriate style based on the situation at hand 
Understand how teams develop over time 
Be able to build supportive and effective teams and networks 
Recognise and understand different team roles and their importance in effective team building 
Know how to lead groups to deliver objectives and outcomes 
Be able to build stronger more effective teams 
Have an understanding of team working and team development 
Know how to enhanced motivation and performance 
Have better retention and development of staff 
Post workshop to embed learning: All participants will take part in an e coaching program for 6 weeks after the workshop. This will consist of on the job exercises and suggested self-directed learning to ensure maximum retention of learning 

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